Sunday, January 30, 2011

NYC: Another Winter Wonderland!

The snow has been non-stop. I thought it was normal - per my memories. Apparently I am WRONG. This is the most snow NYC has seen in January in 86 years.

But the headlines and the news and the citizens of NYC are just done with it.

Done, I tell you.

I absolutely adore it. I know this is because I have not had to endure it year after year with no end in sight, I mean, I get it.

So, I played. What else is there to do with so much snow?

This is a snow angel I made for a friend who was "over it"

If you look hard enough, you can see the outline of the "angel" towards the bottom of the photo. Let me tell you something, trying to take a photograph in a snow thunder storm is no easy feat.

The snow raged on throughout the night, including the snow thunder. 

My backyard the following morning:

Here is Gracie Mansion and the entrance to Carl Schurz Park where I take my dog twice a day.

I happen to think this is quite pretty.

My dog about to conquer the tundra:

She's learning how to dig for a ball in the snow.
This ain't no Runyon!

When I got home that night, I took my dog back to the park and discovered a Winter Wonderland filled with snow sculptures. The citizens of NYC had been busy.

Now, this is a snow ball!

One attempt at a snowman. Sweet, no?

And there was this fellow donning a chapeau:

These are some shots from this night, and then the following morning. 

Before and after, if you will:

My dog in a snow cave. Or is it a snow artillery  holding station?
and my dog with the the snow artillery  holding station the next morning:

Then there was this guy.
I like to call him Optimistic Snowman.
He gave my dog optimism. 
She felt optimistic enough to climb him

Here is Mr Optimism the next morning;
Granted, a little worse for the wear, but who isn't after a night of someone trying to climb all over you?

Then there was someones interpretation of maybe of The Statue of Liberty? 

And here she is the next morning:

Do you see her size???
The creators of the snow creatures were not screwing around.

And then, there was this. 

This one made me stop in my tracks, and gasp:

Is it a horse?
Or a dog?

Pretty magnificent.

Again, the next morning, Mr. Dog/Horse was looking a little worse for the wear:

Not quite as regal as the night before.

But, again, I ask: Who is?

You know what's great? More snow is on the way!


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  1. these snow sculptures are beautiful & Georgette seems right at home. love, dad.