Friday, October 29, 2010

Well, look who was a little ambitious.

So. Rollercoaster of a week. I have a renter, I don't have a renter. I'm leaving, I'm not leaving.

I have to say, going through Craigslist wasn't too painful. There was only one worm in the apple all in all (A snot nosed 23 yr old Jersey kid who had just moved here to start his own company; he said for 400.00 more he could have a view. For 400.00 more - I mean, really. I wanted to say, for 400.00 more I could afford those Choo's. For 400.00 more I could upgrade to a suite. This is irrelevant. IDIOT.)

Then a woman I thought was a 20 yr old girl who was flakey about e mailing and keeping appt's, turned out to be a 33 yr old short filmmaker from NY who also moonlights on feature films. And there she was - she walked in my apartment quite serious having told me on the phone that she "would know immediately" if she wants it or not. I guess she did.

The amount of money I am now taking has decreased significantly. It's going to be a bare bones week.  I leave officially this coming Sunday (or Monday?) - tomorrow is jam packed - of course a little Hollywood style now that I think of it: OY.

6:45 - Hike in Runyon Canyon with my dog
8:00 - Breakfast with a friend who called me out of the blue (I swear, people just sense when you are about to leave -)
9:15 - bangs trimmed at Sally Hershberger Salon by the very lovely Derek Smart who trims bangs for free when he is your stylist
10:45 - .99 cent store to buy dish towels for the kitchen- I know, random. But I tell you, it's all in the details.
11:30 - Back to the apartment with my friend to organize, donate extra nonsense, and pack
4:30 - Pick up prescription for Xanax, because, damn it, you just never know, and I certainly do not want to be in Arkansas and feel like I'm going to freak out.
5:00 - Some shots of Juvaderm in my frown area and laugh lines, for good luck of course.
6:00 - Pack, clean, pack, clean , repeat, repeat, repeat...sigh. WTF am I doing?

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