Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Calamity of Errors.

Remember that list I had to do - well, of course that went out the window. The morning started so dark and gloomy that I thought for sure I had woken far too early to go on a hike - then I realized too late that it was dark outside, not due to the sun not being up, but because of that foreign substance we know as rain.

So there I was already running late. I started to make coffee - the coffee maker blew up . A coffee maker I have used for barely a year. I grabbed my dog and sped off to my breakfast date with only a brushing of the teeth and sunglasses slapped on.

On the way into the restaurant, I stepped in a foot of mud. In ballet flats.

Breakfast was nice if not sad. Talks about parents getting sick, siblings that disappoint during a time of need - if you've ever been through this you know what I speak of.

Aftrewards it was off to get the bangs trimmed. While trimming bangs in fancy pants salon, my dog was throwing up in the car with valet guy watching over her.

Returned to car, attempted a clean up. Drive home, or try to - an ambulance came screaming down the wrong way of SM Boulevard, I had a friend on speakerphone, and my dog started having diarrhea in the back seat.

I hung up, pulled over and tried to get my poor sickly dog outside

So, there I am driving for 10 minutes with a car that smelled unlike anything I have ever smelled.

But my bangs, looked bangin'...

I should have stopped there, takes these as signs. But I didn't - I marched on and am still packing up the apartment. I decided to postpone my departure until Monday late morning.

BUT what signs? What were these signs telling me?

Telling me to stop down and slow down - to breathe?

But it didn't stop. The day continued on like this.

Everything was a hurdle, everything little thing seemed so difficult - so is this what this is? The signs are preparing me for NY? How damn difficult it's going to be? I felt like NY was sending me a message "You think this is tough? JUST WAIT.

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