Saturday, December 18, 2010

NYC: Diva Birthdays

The night after Elaine's I was due back in the city for a friends birthday soiree. My friend was in town from Los Angeles, and every year he celebrates his birthday here.

So, again, it was the two hour travel time - on the way there I saw a Carvel. Decided I needed to stop in - I hadn't been to a Carvel since I was a teenager.

I didn't have a gift, and really, what do you give to a Diva living in a Diva world? The items a Diva wants are out of my budget.

So, I bought a Fudgy the Whale cake.

Cute, non?

When I arrived, I told the birthday diva I thought Fudgy the Whale was the best gift since I had traveled from Southampton - it was either that or a bucket of steamers. 

The Birthday Diva as a 19 year old. Photographed By Robert Mapplethorpe

The Birthday Diva today celebrating his birthday:

The Birthday Diva asked me how NYC was coming along; I told Diva about my concerns with the sublet. Another person joined in on the conversation: "NY's not what it used to be - easy sublets don't happen anymore" and the Diva echoed that: "You knew this was going to be HARD. You KNOW New York" and then he turned to the fellow, and said "You do know where she's staying? She's the only person I know that'll bitch about having to stay in Southampton" 

Shut up Diva.

The party was fine. Filled with a lot of bold faced names that I recognized.

From a very long time ago.

Some had aged not so well.

Some had just gotten plain ole' fat.

My mood was definitely darkening.

What's with the New Yorkers? Why don't they take care of themselves? OMG listen to me. I am turning into that California chick from a Woody Allen movie.

I took my leave around midnight; I rode down with a stylist for THE movie star A list couple, she told me I was the grooviest one there.

Okay, there's that. I'll take it.

On my way back to Southampton, I just kept thinking, OMG I am homeless in NY. I don't know, I don't know, maybe I should go back. If this sublet doesn't come through, then what? I'm going to travel back and forth each day to  look at sublets? This isn't exactly cheap, you know. Maybe I should go back. 

But, back to what? Back to my apartment? Back to my canyons? Back to...?  I really had nothing to return to. Or, for.

This was not in the plan, not in the plan at all.

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