Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NYC: Well, well, well, I am officially here, aren't I?

There are markers that signify progress in life; In NY there are few basic ones. I am living one of them.

But first, let me share this:

Last night I went to the dog park, and lo and behold I met a man who had moved here from California; I asked him from where - he told me Palm Springs, then said well, actually Indio.  (which is about 35 miles east of P.S.) I asked him WHY would you move from Indio to NYC? (Indio has two things it's known for: A Polo Field and Coachella Music Festival, and that pretty much sums it up)

He told me there was a hiring freeze on his company and he could either move to Raleigh, NC  or NYC - he chose NYC.

I asked him how he liked it. 

Now I am in the dog run, with SERIOUS New Yorkers. We're within spitting distance of Gracie Mansion (Yes, I know the Mayor doesn't live there, but, still ...)

He spoke a little too loudly for my taste and was nice enough, but then he said this:

"New York's just like Vegas but without the Casinos."

HUH? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. 

I started to slink away slowly, refusing to make eye contact with the other dog people- I didn't want them to ever recognize me again as being the woman that was talking to the idiot who THINKS NY IS LIKE VEGAS.

Mortification. Just sheer mortification.

I wanted to stop him and say have you no respect, son? Are you insane? You could possibly, possibly whisper that to someone, but to say it with that kind of matter of factness in a social setting is downright blasphemous.

I mean, really.

Oh, his job transfer here? Was with a granite company of some sort  - working on a large project.  But his dog was sweet. So, there's that.


I have been without heat or hot water since yesterday morning. I got through the night, but today is getting tougher. Any residual heat in the apartment has gone; my dog who is not much of a snuggler, refused to go the park this morning, and has been under a fleece blanket all day.

I slept with 5 layers on top (3 of those are sweaters) and two layers on the bottom.

I am dirty and gross. I have dirty dishes that are begging to be washed. I have very little interest in going out even though I know it would be best to get the blood going to aide in keeping me warm - but the superficial side says if you go out looking like this the odds are that YOU WILL see someone you haven't seen in years or someone from your youth, and before you know it there will be those stories floating around... You know who I saw the other day? OMG, she looked awful and smelled a little too... Not happening.

My friend, a born and bred New Yorker told me to call 311 to complain about the heat. Let me tell you something about 311.   311 has commercials that run ALL the time on television -  Wanna quit smoking? Call 311. Stub your toe? Call 311. Need a job? Call 311. You don't like the way the sun is shining? Call 311. 311 is basically your Mother, therapist, attorney. personal assistant, and handyman all rolled into one. Seriously. I swear I could call them about the guy that I met in the park last night, and they would offer words of advice on how to gracefully extract oneself when in a siutation such as that.

Ha! It worked. I knew if I bitched long enough, the heat would come back on. Hurrah! It's on! See, a NY tradition. Works like a charm every time.

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  1. for all the lack of heat and hot water water...and odd people you're looked great today!