Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NYC: The Bloom is Fading. Maybe.

I felt like the bloom is coming off the rose of NYC. Or is it the the bloom is off my fantasies of NYC? 

On Sunday afternoon of Thanksgiving Weekend, the friend of a friend whose apartment I was staying notified me via text that she had someone who wanted to rent her place starting Dec 1 for two and a half months for quite a bit of money. She was sorry but she couldn't turn down the offer of fast money during the holidays.

I started making calls. Everyone it seemed was in transit -  after all, this was a holiday weekend.

I scoured craigslist; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. 

Sent e mails, left voicemail for anyone and everyone. Do you know anyone who has an extra room, has an empty apartment, anything?

I didn't like NYC right now. I hated the real estate aspect and how people in NYC were obsessed with real estate like people in Hollywood are with fame and perfection. It made me sick.

I started to go to a dark place. I started to have clarity about a lot of things in NYC. 

Some disappointed me. 

Most I decided, I had no patience for. 

I was due to deliver money to the sub-landlord of the place I was subletting. Should I do it? It doesn't start until the 20th. There was nothing available in NYC as far as temporary rentals - only vacation rentals that charged a fortune. I could just turn around and go back to LA. 

It's getting cold here. 

I have places to stay in LA until my subtenant's lease is up.

A friend from LA said, absolutely not. You are  NOT turning around. You just arrived. You are going to give the woman the money. You WILL figure this out.

And it was onward and upward. 

I WOULD triumph, this was a minor setback.

Then, a call from an old friend. Yes, there was a place. All to yourself. Not around the corner. 

I didn't care.

I didn't have much of a choice.

So, off I went.

Southampton, it was. 

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