Saturday, December 4, 2010

NYC: Walking, Driving, and Snapping

I dropped my car off at the dealership to have a check up and decided to walk home with my dog.

I love NY for the everyday sights you will see in less than 20 blocks.

For instance:

Pretty powerful.

And then there's this:

On the way there, tho,
 I saw this:
Yeah, that's Spiderman. With a skateboard. Sigh.

I'm thinking I can't get away from these freaks.

In Hollywood,  if you walk or drive on Hollywood Boulevard you will see Michael Jackson.
 And Marilyn Monroe, and Ninjas...they hustle the tourists for money in their 5.00 costumes.

Note his Hollywood Counterpart:
Spiderman was arrested a while ago on Hollywood Boulevard 
for assault.  He had outstanding warrents, btw. 

A couple of years ago there was a "Super Hero" pow wow  in Hollywood to discuss the "problem" Super Hero's.
All because a Wookie headbutted a tour guide. Why? because the Wookie was being disrespectful to Japanese tourists. The tour guide confronted the Wookie, and head butting ensued.

Speaking of LA, while driving to the dealership,

I spotted 3 blondes! One was a bleach blonde! My first since I've been here! It was like spotting a rare animal in the wild:
Really, click on it, I'm not lying.

Speaking of wild animals, this was in front of me in traffic:
I think he speaks for everyone driving in Manhattan. 

Back to walking.

Walking down Ninth Avenue, I spotted a 
prime example of some of the architecture:
No space on either side? No Problem!
We'll just buy the "air rights" 
Who cares if there's no integrity with regards to the original architecture?

I find it so invasive and greedy and egomaniacal. 
This is just one example.

But then, we stumbled upon Italian Cat.
Mafia cat, if you will:
He was the doorman of a Italian specialty food shop.
He DARED my dog to get any closer.

Fat cat, indeed.

Next door it was nice to see the old Italian food shops are still in existance:

Then there was this:

The thought of having Pig Tails and Pig Knuckles in a Los Angeles window 
would probably scare the plastic surgery 
right off 
half the populations faces.

For some reason, this made me smile.

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  1. Wonderful shots -- how exciting to have you back!!!