Saturday, December 4, 2010

NYC: My Valet

 Like taxis in NY, valets in LA are a way of life.

Common lines overheard in LA are:

Is there valet? Are you valeting? I'm gonna valet. Fuck this, the valet is 20 bucks. I'm looking for street parking.

The running joke in LA is that people with cars worth $150,000.00 or more won't let their significant other/bestfriend/family member drive their car, but on a regular basis hand the keys over to some stranger donning a polyester red vest who makes about 2.00 an hour to drive a few blocks and park your car.

Typical LA Valet.

Behold my lovely  NY valet who watched my car when I first drove into the city:
Okay, so maybe he doesn't drive.
And no snappy red vest.
But, he made sure the car was safe and that I didn't get a ticket. 

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