Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NYC: Interjection of a Murakami kind

I know, really late commentary, but I forgot about this and just had to share:

Can I just say this was not my Thanksgiving Parade of my youth? Yeah, the parade also had Kanye, and the crazy pink clothed cheerleaders, but this just stopped me in my tracks:


Now, I have to say I LOVE the enthusiasm that just spills from his face.

I remember the opening that MOCA had for Murakami - they always have two;  one for the patrons and glitterati and one for the masses. I attended the masses one with a friend who was a ÜBER Murakami fan. And there was Murakami mingling with his fans all the way to the end of the evening.

I wonder, though, did the kids know who he was? I think this was more for him personally rather than his business. Or at least I like to think that.

I mean, LOOK at his face -  the best.

THE best.

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