Monday, December 13, 2010

NYC: Full Circle Part 1.

Funny how things come full circle - and always when you least expect it.


When I came out of the Holland Tunnel, I made a wrong turn and ended up on Hudson Street - my old neighborhood. What a trip seeing it after all these years. I was  trying to get the files in my brain of Manhattan to the forefront "C'mon! You KNOW this city like the back of your hand!"  I made a right and there it was: my former high school. The High School I attended for the last year and a half of my educational life. 

And one memory came back stronger than ever: the Principal calling my Mother in to his office to ask her if I was on drugs, because I was always tired. My mother defending me telling the Principal, "No! She's not on drugs, she has been dancing at the clubs!" and proceeded to mention the bold faced names I was hanging out with in the music world. 

I'm sure that soothed the Principal to no end.

I had strong feelings about this school, and thought I would never walk by it upon my return. 
Seeing it so unexpectedly, 
I felt triumph, 
not fear.

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