Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NYC: Things that make me feel like I'm home

I turned on the TV and there was a blast from my youth on TV:

Former Mayor Ed Koch. And he's still giving it them. 
(them: anyone that annoys him)
You think I complain? 
Next to him, I'm Miss Mary Sunshine. 
And the man has his own IMDB page.
Gotta love him.

Then, there was this little altercation. 

Classic NY .

This particular passenger threw the "First Punch"

The Driver was NOT having it:

The passenger is attempting to defend himself.

Still trying.

The driver got fed up and left the passenger, walked back to his taxi, got in and drove off.
Note lookey loo dude in the background :)
The now former passenger waited another 5 minutes to get a cab. 
And there were A LOT of available ones.
I mean, this was in front of a very popular Hotel.

Baaaaaaad taxi karma. 

Loved the driver.

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