Monday, December 13, 2010

NYC: Full Circle: Part 2 - Phillip Glass.

One day early on, I took my dog and the dogs of my host to the local dog park.

After releasing the dogs into the park, a little blonde ragamuffin of a dog came skipping up to me and just wanted to be my best friend. The thing looked like it hadn't been bathed in quite a long time, but then again, maybe this was a "look". 

I mean, I was in a hipster neighborhood, so you never know.

Not the dog, but close; just imagine a little dingy.

The dog eventually ended up in my lap, and as I was petting it I looked at the tags to see what his/her name was. Usually there's some metal or plastic tag with the dogs name on it.  You know: BRUTUS 212-529-0000. Or FLUFFY. Or something.  Then I found the tag: 

Please call if found 

Phillip fucking Glass. Ha! I used to have the maddest crush on him when I was 16 - I did love his music, and I think the crush part was due to the fact that he was "downtown" and "artsy".  

And of course I'm thinking how I would have DIED, absolutely DIED if this happened way back when.

I started to laugh a bit on the inside, and of course, tried to act cool. God only knows if he was in the park, or if it was the dog walker. The 16 year old inside of me wanted to squeal.

And, I think how I would see every bold faced name in LA. Leonardo DiCaprio hiking past me? meh. Kathy Griffin? Whatever. Javier Bardem? Yeah, so what. 

This was a man of accomplishment and talent. 

Between playing with the other dogs, the Phillip Glass dog would excitedly run back to me, jumping on my lap, begging for cuddles.  

I took this as a sign, NY was welcoming me back. 

And Phillip Glass' dog no less was doing the honors.  

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