Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leaving Hollywood. Just like that. First Stop: Palm Springs - Where you're always 15 pounds lighter, and 10 years younger.

So, I did it. I left on Monday morning. There was near weeping at unexpected times - seeing the kids trick or treating in the hills in my neighborhood, and the neighbor who turns his house into a haunted house and all are welcome; he told me Happy Halloween as I ran by with my dog. And I looked at the kids dressed up, the parents half baked attempts at dressing up, walking in the middle of the streets in this neighborhood that they obviously don't live in, and the mood was jovial. And I thought as I ran by: this isn't going to happen in the city.

One one of my last walks in Bronson Canyon, I just stopped and laid down on my back with my arms splayed out snow-angel style. I would never ever have done that EVER - I would be too freaked out as to how many bugs were crawling on me, in my clothes. And I laid there for a good 10 minutes, just staring at the sky, and the greenery as my dog walked around sniffing and inspecting to her hearts content. Just taking it in. The beauty. The sheer beauty that is 5 minutes from my front door. And then I saw an ant lumbering past me, and thought OMG they have probably crawled in my hair, and my pants, and it probably best to get the fuck out of there.

And, all of a sudden, it was Monday. D DAY. The day I was relinquishing my home to stranger. And it happend so fast. No goodbyes. Just hit the freeway and drove. And as I left the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and it was already 75 degrees.

And, I'm REALLY going to NYC in November?

As I drove into Palm Springs to get my car serviced and to stay overnight, the doubts started seeping in - maybe I should just stay in Palm Springs and open an art gallery - yeah, why not? That could be nice. Until I realized I just don't know enough about art to do such a thing. As I waited for my car to be serviced, I phoned my father. I had finally told him of my plans the night before. Dad, well, was concerned, and none too thrilled. I thought maybe a good nights sleep would help soften the blow. Afterall, I was going ot see him in Santa Fe.

Any fears or insecurities I had, my father verbalized. Running on 3 hours sleep and very little food in the past 48 hours, I knew I had to get off the phone STAT. I needed a good nights sleep and some food. SERIOUSLY.

Was I really doing this??? REALLY?

I headed to Rancho Mirage which always soothes me and makes me smile when I see this:

My friends and hosts for this leg, Matthew and Bill suggested I stay Tuesday night as well - to get more sleep, and more organized. Which I happily agreed to.

Waking up and running errands in the desert always puts a smile on my face - it never fails - the minute I step into a market, a restaurant I am 15 pounds lighter; miraculously, my jeans are no longer tight. Muffin top? What Muffin top? Crows feet? Pshaw! I am youthful, spritely even. I can wear a dress out without feeling ashamed and banished to the corner.

The search for my STYLISH wardrobe for NY is ON. I have to get luggage (my luggage is too small - the clothes were thrown in the trunk) Sweaters, and more sweaters. Pants. Boots. All to be found in thrift shops across the country

"Thrifting" in Palm Springs is unlike any other. And sure enough, the next day, I found a great piece of luggage for $6.00, and a pale blue leather vintage piece of luggage that will double as my laptop case for $5.00. 3 sweaters at 4.50 each, a cream colored swing coat for 7.00, and my shopping spree was done for this leg.

I find Palm Springs to be eye candy - I mean walking into a True Value hardware store anywhere else in America, and you will find - hardware. Here in Palm Springs, this is what you find:

and this:

One of my all time favorite stops is The Galleria - wonderful decorative arts shops. My favorite is Bon Vivant - Jonathan Adler pretty much decorated the Parker Hotel with this place:

Look at all of the fun stuff. I swear anytime i take people here, they always walk out with something. Designers from NY fly in and buy this palce out. Patrick and James are constantly taking road trips finding unique items:

and this:

And the shop across the way that the always stylish Neeraja runs is just divine.

Now wait a second, where, why?

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