Sunday, November 28, 2010

PART 2 NYC: I'm REALLY here.

I am staying with a friend on Avenue C and 2nd Street.

I park the car on 4th Street between C & D. Right behind a BMW SUV. Across from me is a Saab. Up the ways a H2.


The last time I was here, you would've been mad to park your car here. Wait, was I EVER between C&D? Ever?

When I was a teenager, this area was filled with shooting galleries.

Shooting Galleries were places that heroin junkies could go and get their drugs and needles to shoot up. At times there would be long lines of people waiting outside of these buildings.

After I unload most of my belongings,  and even though I am exhausted to the point of nauseousness, I go for a walk with my dog

Inside I am giddy with excitement. I am jumping up and down, I want to tell the people walking by how happy I am. I want to yell:


But I don't.

I marvel at all of the changes.

The changes that so many said: You won't recognize it.

But I do recognize it.

You could transport all of NYC to Kansas City, and Kansas City in turn would  become NYC. 

It's not about the buildings, it's not about the cute little shops.

It's not about some monstrosity that Mr Trump has erected.

NY is  about the people.

Next: Some first impressions in photographs and thoughts.

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