Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Americana en route to Waxahachie, Texas

Right before I got in the car to leave Santa Fe,  I mentioned to Dad that I would grab something to eat  or drink on the road. He said there wasn't anything but country for quite a ways. Hoo-boy, he wasn't joking.

I lost cell phone reception right about here:

Finally after an hour or three,  I came into Clines Corner! Civilization!

Along with the gas station, they had a Subway! I was starving, figured it's a franchise, it can't be too bad. The tuna had brown crust on it. I opted for a bag of chips.

As I pulled out, I was faced with this:
Am I really doing this? I could just make a right and head back to LA. Really. 

Instead, I made the left. 
East, it was. 
I was really going ahead with this.

And this is when it really hit me:
I was driving into and across AMERICA. 
That above, is TEXAS.

I had to pull over, get out of the car and REALLY think about this. 

this ain't no joke. I am in Texas.

See below?

No, really. LOOK:

Later, I got off at some random exit to get gas and cruised through this teeny tiny town that was filled with conflicting messages. The town needs to be rebranded. Seriously.

For instance:
and this busted up pawn shop and dilapidated sign:
and this once popular restaurant: (okay I don' t know if it was popular, but I'd like to think so. Sort of The Last Picture Show-ish. )

But this guy, for whatever reason, was kicking his heels up - go figure. 
(click on the pic, his dog is in the backseat)
A closer look at the gentleman's choice of  decorative arts:

If I were a publicist/rainmaker I would definitely market  this town  as "The REAL Last Picture Show", throw a romantic/nostalgic spin on it, a dash of sex appeal, and it could be a mini tourist mecca. 

 Tomorrow: Waxahachie.

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