Monday, November 29, 2010

NYC: The Constants and Avenue B.

There are quite a few people in my life who are the constants.

I am extremely fortunate to have those constants.

Some have known me since I was an obnoxious teenager. 
Some have known me since I was in my flaky twenties. 

 I walked by a building on the corner of Avenue B and 8th Street
that is connected to two of my constants
to me.

Once upon a time this was a Hebrew School that one of my dearest friends attended as a child. 

Later, when the neighborhood turned into a desolate crime-ridden wasteland, 
a College age friend moved into this building with two musician friends.  

The building is across the street from Tompkins Square Park.
I remember when my girlfriend and I who were in high school would go visit him, 
we would
through the park 
 the park. 

Or, if you had the money, you took a cab.
That is,
if the driver would take you there.
I have mixed feelings about my memories in this building
yet this is something that I love - not only about NY 
but about the two people that share this link, 
and share knowing me, 
yet have never met. 

They, we, the city are connected.
Now, the building is Fancy Pants.

I stood outside looking at the lovely changes,  

thinking about these particular constants, 

how their lives are intertwined with this building, 

with me. 

How far the building has come. 

How far my two friends have come. 

How far I have come.

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