Friday, November 26, 2010

Preface to NY: Columbia, Maryland: Stink Bugs & Perfume

Trying to find a place to stay between D.C. and NYC that took dogs and is affordable is no easy feat.

My friend in NY tried for over an hour scouring online looking for a place that was safe, and would take my dog and not be crazy expensive.

Baltimore apparently was out of the question - it seems Baltimore has a reputation of being not so safe. Maybe Baltimore would be alright if I stayed at the harbor, or I could stay at the airport.

My friend in Durham came to the rescue once again, and found a room for me at the Sheraton Hotel in Columbia, MD. They took dogs. They even had room service!

I was thrilled. I needed a good nights sleep, as this was it.

This is my last night before arriving in NY.

Walking into the hotel, I knew I was on the East Coast.

I could smell perfume.

I loved it.

On the West Coast, you rarely smell perfume or cologne. And if you do, all your alarms go off:

"WARNING! Alien in the midst!"

It's true! You are very suspicious - you know those nice smelling people are not from "these parts".


I should have been suspect when I checked in. They sent me to the "lodge" which was not part of the main hotel. I drove over, parked, and took my suitcases out only to realize there is no elevator. Clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk up the stairs. Bump bump bump over the door jams.

I walked in.

It was glorious!

There were cookies waiting for me!


After two weeks of being on the road, I couldn't have been happier.

                                                   Then I started to notice little things:

I ate a cookie. 

Then I saw this:
Okay, looks like they started - or is it finishing up a renovation?

Who cares, I'm exhausted. 

All I want to do is eat and go to sleep. 

And then there was this:
Now I am annoyed.

BUT, like I said, I'm hungry and exhausted.

So, I ate some food. 

And, anyway, my dog was in heaven:

A long hot bath will do me well.

And then I saw this on the floor:
Okay, housekeeping didn't catch it. Two dead flies. Whatever.

Long hot bath ahead. Flies will not bother me.

And I walked into the bathroom and saw this above the mirror:
ACCK! What is that?!

I walked into the main room, to call the front desk and, oh look!:
Obviously, his partner in crime.

Now. it's 10:30.

They told me on the phone they were sorry. 
They could maybe move me to the room next door. 
But wait, if the bugs are here, they most likely will be next door, won't they?
They would send an engineer to the room.
I waited for 15 minutes, 
then took matters into my hands.
I captured the two living bugs, 
scooped up the two dead flies, 
placed all four of them into the oh so trendy stainless steel ice bucket, 
grabbed my dog, 
walked across the compound to the main building 
delivered them to the front desk.

When I returned to my room, 
the phone was ringing; 
the hotel was offering 
 to move me to the main building.

At midnight, we arrived in our new digs.

At 2:30 AM I was still up. 

Panic was setting in.

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  1. Edited to add this which I have been meaning to do for ages:

    I was beyond pissed off at the situation. Friends said write to them, and demand your money back. I did some research, and it looked like a lost cause. Just more corporate BS.

    Later I found reviews from other peeps who had the same sitch, and got the same BS response:
    From Trip Advisor:
    Once you get through the obvious shilling you'll see the real reviews: