Monday, November 22, 2010

Richmond Virginia: Huffin' and puffin'.

After I left Durham, and was heading to D.C., I made a stop at a Mickey D's to check my directions.

When I came out of McDonald's, I looked to my right and saw this:

Pretty, right?

Now, driving across country does not allow for much exercise. I hadn't really exercised since leaving Los Angeles, so I grabbed my dog out of the car, and started running up the green "space" with her.

As I heaved and cursed myself for still smoking cigarettes, I looked to my right and saw a fairly contemporary office building.
This was a random exit off the highway (or is it interstate? Or freeway? after 4,000 miles I still can't tell you)

There was the McDonald's and pretty much nothing else.

I continued running, huffing and puffing, and then I came upon the main entrance to the office building:


Message anyone?

As I got back into my car, I grabbed this pic of a YOUNG McDonald's employee on his break:
Yup, smoking. And you know the kid chows down on Mickey D's. 

Even after all this, 

as I made my way to DC thinking, damn it, but cigarettes are so cheap here, I really should pull over and buy some...

But no, I can't.  I shouldn't. 

But, they just taunt you:
I didn't stop. 

Washington D.C. was waiting.

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  1. you're so're probably here already! and no pat down or body scanning necessary!