Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gaffney and Leeds Alabama. And Plastic Surgery.

So the mishap that happened a while ago with my camera and the loss of pics affected photos from Mississippi on east.

In light of this situation, the photo's in this post will be facsimile's of what I took :)

Okay: Gaffney, Alabama. Stopped here to get gas. Did you know there is a college in Gaffney? The town was founded in 1953 and is located in Tuscaloosa County.

Yeah, that would be about it. The town signage really was the best.

Oh, and driving through Alabama you will pass Talladega National Forest***   which of course Hollywood soaked person that I am, automatically think of Talladega Nights,  the Will Ferrell movie. It was huge. Ferrell brings in major bucks, the man can open a movie like nobody's business. Not really a fan, though I did love Elf.
And if you haven't seen Elf, you should. Very cute film.

Later, I stopped in Leeds, Alabama  (population 11,474 give or take) to get some gas and I met Barbara - who followed me in the store to tell me how cute my dog was watching my every move. I told her, um, no, the dog was watching to see when she could snatch the food I left on the front seat.
When I was pumping gas and Barbara had gotten back into her car, I asked her if she lived in Leeds, and for how long: Barbara told me she left Leeds when she was 22, moved to D.C for three years and then to Dallas for 13. She had just moved back to Leeds two years ago. She asked me where I was going, and when I told her NYC, she told me her two brothers had moved to NYC - one died in NY and the other returned to Leeds. I asked her what was it like moving back to Leeds after all of these years? She said: "It's hard, it's hard to go back home. But I'm happy now" I asked Barbara if I could take her picture, and she said "Sure, if it's for Hollywood!" Because Barbara's picture was one of those not recovered, I will honor her with this:

And just to tell you how Hollywood-ized I am, as I drove through Alabama, itching to get to Georgia, but not feeling anywhere near the angst I had in Mississippi, I saw a billboard that provided relief to my anxiousness.

Folks, this was a billboard for COSMETIC SURGERY. And I thought: YES! Civilization!

OMG. What is wrong with me?

***(just a side note: if you go to the link  about the Talladega Forest there's an alert about the Feral Hog problem. See?? This problem isn't only in Texas ) 

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  1. Remember my sister is in overland park Kansas if that is on your route. How r u holding up? Xx