Sunday, November 28, 2010

NYC first night of Slumber

My first night of slumber in a home was not sound. At 5:00AM bright and early, I heard the rumblings of delivery trucks - the gnashing sounds of brakes, the thump thump thump of the wheels going over uneven streets, the chaos of the traffic outside.

OMG. I am really here.

I forgot how loud it is here.

And God it smells.

Later, my friend takes me and my dog to the East River - to the promenade? I try running. I am gasping. Is this because of two weeks behind a wheel? Or is it the density of the city that doesn't allow for air circulation? Is that EVEN possible?

How can this one island hold so much? I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds of buildings and thousands and thousands of people.

 I need to stop thinking.

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