Thursday, November 18, 2010

America- Car Update: Prius Free

(Photo sooooo not mine. Grabbed it from

Um, just so you know, this whole Prius thing is a Los Angeles thing.

Seriously, I think Toyota owes Cameron Diaz a big fat paycheck.  Way back, when Toyota first introduced the Prius in 2001, there was a waiting list with SIX people who were guaranteed the Prius -  number one on the list? Leonardo DeCaprio.

Not long after, Miss Diaz obtained one and drove her Prius to the Oscars, and that WAS IT. No matter that the car was ugly as ugly could be, no matter that you got 400 miles to the tank, no matter that it was better for the planet -  no, it had nothing to do with that. It had to do with acceptance. Leo and Cam were driving it, therefore it had the stamp of approval, and soon enough the city was being over run with tricked out Prius' zooming in and out of traffic just like their owners did with their former BMW's, Range Rovers and Porsche's.

The last time I saw a Prius was in Los Angeles. Not one in Palm Springs. Nor Santa Fe. Nor Fort Worth. Or Waxahachie.

The first time I saw a Prius on this trip was in Mississippi and it had Georgia plates.

That's 2,000 MILES I have driven so far in this country. That's a lot of country, a lot of cars.

Guess what I did see? Fords. Chevrolet's. Older Cadillacs.

My car may as well have been a Maybach.

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