Sunday, November 28, 2010

NYC: Transportation

I am agog.

Just absolutely wide eyed.

I am that person you see on the street and say: they're not from around here.

I am that dorky tourist.

There is so much happening at once.

Cars, trucks, buses, ambulances, people, dogs, more people, cabs swerving in and out of traffic, bicyclists dodging said cabs.

My brain is on overload.

When I arrived, my friend offered to fix the settings on my camera. In the process my friend accidentally deleted all photos from Mississippi on East.

I called 17th Street Photo, a camera shop, and they told me to bring the camera in.

I went out unsure of how I was going to get there. I thought it best to hail a cab.

There were so many lanes, though - it was overwhelming. What happened to JUST lanes?  You know, just 3 or 4 lanes?

                     Cars looked like they were parked in the middle of the street:
                                    (they actually were, I later found out)

then there was this:
The bike lane.
Yes, that would be a biker going in the wrong direction.

I flagged down a cop car, and said:
"Excuse me, May I ask you something?"
Cop: (irritated)"Yeah?"
Me: "Um, I grew up here, and I haven't been back to the city for over 10 years, and I was wondering: Do you still hail a cab the same way, I mean I see all these lanes for diffrent things, and..."
Cop: (smiling now) "Yeah, same way, that hasn't changed, it's the fucking bike lanes, I can't stand 'em and I'm a cyclist myself."
Me: "Oh, okay. Um, thanks, have a great day!"

My friend Michael had warned me about bicylcists going the wrong way in the bike lanes.
I stuck out my hand to hail a cab, and sure enough I was clocked by a cyclist going the wrong way - just on my arm.

I started laughing.

A cab pulled over. I got in.

What the hell is the video thing?
It doesn't shut up.
They take credit cards now?

And before I know it, 
I am in a cliche taxi situation.

A Prius, yes, a PRIUS tried to cut off my taxi as we were going down 11th street.

For those of you that don't know,
11th street is a ONE LANE street.

My driver was not having it.

Here is the audio
(with me egging him on - I couldn' t help it, it was too funny - but he WAS in the right)

And then there was my dog's first taxi ride:
(note Xmas music in background)

I eventually took a bus  - but, when I got on with my exact change, the driver told me no, that I had to buy a ticket. Huh? I got off the bus, as the Bus Driver had no patience with my questions. I get it. He's on a schedule.
A 12 year old school girl helped me figure this "ticket" business.

              There are little kiosks and you put your money in, and the ticket pops out:

BUT, you MUST get on at the back door. 
I asked some people who takes the ticket? 
They told me: "Well if you get asked for it, you better have it."
Wait, it's based on the honor system????
WHAT city am I IN???

I got on the bus. 

I rode for over 80 blocks. 

Not once did anyone ask me for the ticket. 

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