Saturday, November 13, 2010

Waxahachie: My Aunt.

The house to me is exactly the same which brings a smile to my face. And at the same time conjures up mixed feelings. The last time I was in this house I was 19 and with my Mother, my Aunt's sister.

I used to describe my Aunt as this "crazy French woman who married a cowboy and lives on a ranch in Texas"

But, she's far more than that. First off, she's not crazy. Does she have sass? Oh, yes. Is she direct? Ohhhhh yesssss. As only a French Woman can be. Their words can slice. Throw in that accent, and you are decimated.

My Uncle, a 3rd generation Texas rancher and farmer pursued my Aunt who was in Bordeaux for SIX years. Six years, people.

And this past Wednesday the 10th, they celebrated 50 years of marriage.

My Aunt told me this photo is from a visit to a Texas beach (?!) No wonder she has that look on her face.

When my Aunt finally agreed to marry and move in the late 1950's to this hickety pickety town in Texas, she insisted on a few of her home comforts:

A bidet. Yes, a bidet. Unheard in the 1950's for a home in the States to have one, much less Waxahachie, Texas.

She decorated the home with furniture and decorative pieces, china and crystal from France. Armoires, Limoges, Christofle, etc. She stocked the bar, much to the shock and horror of this formerly bible thumping dry town. My Aunt is VERY French. With a quick wit and a mouth to match. I can only imagine how she turned the town on its ear.

These days she doesn't like for her picture to be taken, but I made her stand still when we went shopping in downtown Waxahachie. At 81, I think she's still got it.

Here are some snippets so you can hear her accent ALL these years later. Can you IMAGINE what her accent was like when she first arrived in Texas? OY.

And this one

Probably not funny at the time, but I can only imagine what my Aunt and Uncle's first big blowout sounded like back then. I think probably pretty genius with their accents and their angered words flying through the air.

An operetta of sorts.

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